were killed while resisting arrest

PA is also said to pay monthly allowances to the families of two dead terrorists who were killed while resisting arrest after the deadly attack, says PMW.

By United With Israel Staff

Since the kidnapping and murder of the three Israeli teens Eyal Yifrach, 19, Gilad Shaar, 16, and Naftali Fraenkel, 16, in June 2014, the Palestinian Authority (PA) has paid over 350,000 shekels (over $ 98,000) in terror rewards to the Hamas terrorist convicted of planning their abuduction as well as to the families of two other terrorists who carried it out and who were later killed while resisting arrest, reports Palestinian Media Watch (PMW).

The terrorist convicted for planning the kidnapping and murder of the teens – Husam Al-Qawasmi – was arrested on July 11, 2014, says PMW. Having now served five years in prison, Al-Qawasmi is having his salary doubled by the PA, from 2,000 to 4,000 shekels a month. The organizer of this murderous attack has already been paid 98,400 shekels by the PA since his arrest, says the watchdog, which says it has closely monitored the ‘Pay for Slay’ policy.

The PA is also said to pay monthly allowances to the families of the two dead terrorists, Marwan Al-Qawasmi and Amer Abu Aisheh, it says. Because Al-Qawasmi was married and had a child, the PA pays his family 400 shekels extra for his wife and 200 shekels extra for the child, in addition to the basic allowance of 1,400 shekels per month, PMW notes.

The second dead terrorist, Amer Abu Aisheh, was also married and had three children. Accordingly, in addition to the basic allowance of 1,400 shekels/month, the PA pays his family 400 shekels extra for his wife and 600 shekels extra for his children, the watchdog adds.

Salaries to terrorists have risen by 11.8% in 2019, says PMW.

The PA has criticized Israel for deducting the equivalent sums of the terror payments from tax revenues, which Jerusalem transfers to the Palestinians. As a protest, it has refused to receive any of the monies from Israel but has accused the Jewish State of causing the PA’s economic collapse.

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Peter Hall9 hours ago

I cannot understand how 2 married men, with wives and children, could plan, then go out and murder 3 teenagers. There is something particularily evil about these acts. They know their actions will not only shatter the families of their victims, but also lead their own children and partners being left with a void.

I just cannot understand such utter evil.

It goes beyond just saying these men were evil. It goes beyond saying these men were indoctrinated. There is something seriously wrong on every level, with a society that could produce such outcomes.

I am extremely fortunate to live in Australia where we do not have to confront such evil, and my heart goes out not only to the Victims and the Families of these truly evil men, but to the Israeli people who have to confront such evil every single day, and have done so for not days or weeks, but decades under the current manifestation, and generations upon others.

I just feel a sadness.

lesrun5k Peter Hall6 hours ago

Read the koran,they are taught as children to hate / kill. Islam must somehow be eradicated.

Ian Wilson Peter Hall5 hours ago


ZionMyHome16 hours ago

Bomb the home of every FatAhSS and Ham-Ass official as punishment for rewarding murder and terrorism against the Jewish people. Once the leaders are all dead, expel every freak jihadist who refuses to denounce islam and allah the demon from hell.

lesrun5k ZionMyHome7 hours ago

Amen, without mercy.

Ian Wilson ZionMyHome5 hours ago

In the 'good old days' - we used to be able to hunt them down and execute them where ever and when ever we found them - - - these days, everyone is too scared of being called a 'racist' by the so called 'political correct' movement - and the other cowards !!!!

lesrun5k7 hours ago

Time for a drone strike on any / all remaining family members of the scum sand roaches that killed the three teenagers,make a strong staement with overwhelming force that will send a much needed message,eliminate the funding, rewarding terror, then eliminate the receiptants wherever they are.

Richard Adams6 hours ago

Sure glad trump cut them off of money train.

Ian Wilson Richard Adams5 hours ago

BUT - that's not going to be enough to destroy them or their 'cult' movement !!!

Nancy Mc8 hours ago


Uzi Kattan6 hours ago

If Israel would have executed this subhuman then the salary would mean nothing.

Arthur W. Sanchez7 hours ago

Why would any government on earth give financial aid to another government that actively pays terrorists? And why isn't there a greater outcry from the citizens of those governments?

What can possibly be a government's reasoning or justification for giving tax payer money to governments that pay terrorists for murdering innocent people?

punch_corona9 hours ago

.. all aid money is simply blood money..

Mike8 hours ago

Double their prize for terror. 140 virgins in the afterlife and two pigskins in which to be buried.

barbarakelly9 hours ago


Sharon9 hours ago

So, let me get this straight. The Palestinians are using our tax dollars to pay the families of the dead terrorists that took the lives of these three young men. How ironic.

A Tart9 hours ago


Alan Zelt9 hours ago

I am sorry but I cannot believe that the PA can be this stupid. I just give up trying to understand these people just bomb them all and put them out of our misery.

stout77359 hours ago

Palestinians won't understand until they are wiped from the face of the Earth.....Give an Israelite a brand new car for every Palestinian they murder...............................

A Tart stout77359 hours ago

What they should do is for every Israeli murdered they take and declare the house and land that it sits on now part of Israel. Every time they kill an Israeli the Israeli's kill the terrorist and take his family home and incorporate it into the state of Israel.

STEVE10 hours ago

A bunch of sick animals.. Let Hashem let these animals be cursed like the plagues of Egypt or let the Messiah comes before more people are killed by these 2 legged animals like the leaders of iran and the religious mamzariom of the muslims who call Jews infidels and its a good deed to kill Jews...

lorenzoJHWH the Lion Of Judah3 minutes ago

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the synagogue & church of Satan: Owl Marduch FED FMI BM NWO: and the Democratic party, etc. what do they do these little movies? are they always innocent?

Don Spilman2 hours ago

Muzslime especially phalusstinkian muzslime at this time are bold in your face we will never bow to any non muzslime authority! ALL muzslime are deadly dangerous evil creatures because their vile motheMAD “perfect man”/“prophet” was a horrid example of man hood and the worst example of humanity that ever walked the earth! He was Satan’s perfect puppet! And these creatures are believing THEY have been chosen to populate and completely run the earth! Can you imagine what hell on earth would be like then? Hang on because hell on earth is coming soon!


Phil Lesh Fan3 hours ago

The money for those payments made possible by Israel handing over Fatah's tax revenues. Sadly, this has been going on for so long now that extricating the enabling which Israel does appears to be all but impossible without total chaos breaking loose.

Too late now, Smenderella. Too late now.


Arthur W. Sanchez7 hours ago

How do they know that the money is directly coming from the PA government? And if this information is accurate and in the public domain, then what is the reason the PA is giving for giving this terrorist a salary? And aren't there any Israeli laws prohibiting actively paying terrorists for their deeds, assuming that the terrorist is in an Israeli prison?


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Eel Chiong15 hours ago

Wow!!! I hope that the PA will allow me to join them with that kind of incentive!
Just a silly joke.
But to poor, desperate muslims, alas, that is no joke.


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lesrun5k Eel Chiong6 hours ago • edited

Poor muslims ?They choose to follow a dark ages evil ideology led by Mo the pedophile,read the koran,they are taught as children to kill / destroy,islam is the cancer of the world.


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Eel Chiong lesrun5k6 hours ago

I know. No need to convince me. But poverty is a good recruiter of fanatics. Especially given such incentives for commiting meyhem. Blame those foolish gullible people who contributes their money to PA fronts. Those are the true funders of their own destruction, they will rue it one day.




lorenzoJHWH the Lion Of Judahan hour ago

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lorenzoJHWH the Lion Of Judahan hour ago

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lorenzoJHWH the Lion Of Judahan hour ago

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lorenzoJHWH the Lion Of Judahan hour ago

this is the mortal sin of the LEGA! this is the end for the South in Italy
"At the summit Autonomy the League proposed to insert the salary cages, that is to raise the salaries in the North and lower them to the Center-South.
For the M5S it is totally unacceptable", report sources of the M5s.

questo è il peccato mortale della LEGA! questa è la fine per il Sud in Italia
"Al vertice Autonomia la Lega ha proposto di inserire le gabbie salariali, ovvero alzare gli stipendi al Nord e abbassarli al Centro-Sud.
Per il M5S è totalmente inaccettabile", riferiscono fonti del M5s.


lorenzoJHWH the Lion Of Judahan hour ago

#Syria: the video of the terrorist attack against the Syro-Orthodox Church "Our Lady" in #Qamishli.
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lorenzoJHWH the Lion Of Judah2 hours ago

Tearing between M5s and the League on Autonomy.
this time the M5S is 100% right: you cannot differentiate between judiciary: health and education at national level!
even FdI of Giorgia Meloni is right to ask for a presidential republic!

Strappo tra M5s e la Lega sull'Autonomia.
ANSWER. questa volt il M5S ha ragione al 100%: non puoi differenziare magistratura: sanità e istruzione a livello Nazionale!
anche FdI di Giorgia Meloni ha ragione a chiedere una repubblica presidenziale!