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Visualizzazione post con etichetta troia puttana per satana. Mostra tutti i post

troia puttana per satana

David Icke? - ANSWER - A person is been: disheartened, and he, too, can be a piece of shit, and then, all of his work, is disheartened with him? have we, or not, have we, an discernment, to take the good, even from Satan or the Koran? perhaps, there is a sacred book that has not been polluted? - ANSWER - such as scientific method, lead to throw the baby out with the wather dirty? why are you so mean obtuse?

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[NAZI Pharisäer IWF FED EZB AGENDA Talmud, is Blut ist von Rothschild in Venen von Hitler!] Satan is the head of the occult forces, and: world domination gives to him who knows to pay. By: who, what? With human blood, preferably innocent blood. The Pharisees know these esoteric matters ...: e: agree to sell their innocent brothers (ISRAEL) to Satan in exchange for world domination. So the innocent pay for the guilty. 22. It is the Star of David, or Solomon's seal, or esagrammo. (In English you write "Redschield" in German "Rotesschild", French for "bouclier rouge", or "sceau rouge"). 23. Today at the head of David Rothschild is located in Rothschild, of the House of France, son of Guy, who died in 2007.

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HolyJHWHsanto has posted a comment 1 week. ago[NAZI Pharisäer IWF FED EZB AGENDA Talmud, is Blut ist von Rothschild in Venen von Hitler!] 10_58. @ Arab League is sweet for you suck the blood of innocent Christian martyrs! [To do all day Muslims,are like the Nazis, 11. [Notes: e: comments]. 24. The Rockefeller empire: was created by the Rothschilds. For details, see the two books by David Icke: "And the Truth will set you free," and "The Biggest Secret". 25. The Illuminati are concerned much of their genetic code (which normally receives the title of "reptilian"): e: the grant so great importance: that: it becomes impossible for someone to come to power if first: not: get the screening of a representative of this family "reptilian". 26. The Rothschilds: e: the Illuminati have many illegitimate children, and: these children grow up under other names.

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[NAZI PHARISÄER IWF FED EZB TALMUD AGENDA [Blut von Rothschild ist in Venen von Hitler!] wenn Salomon Mayer, der: House of Rothschild, nur gelebt: in: die: Seine: Haus von Wien. Seine: Frau: nicht: Brombeeren gelebt: mit: er, weil die Beziehung: double: die beiden: Ehegatten war unerträglich geworden, und sie war zu leben: zu: Frankfurt. Der Sohn, dass war-hatte zusammen, Anselm Salomon, er viel verbracht: der: Seine: Zeit zwischen Paris und Frankfurt von Wien entfernt und: durch Seine: Vater. Im Jahre 1837 war Salomon Mayer daher: nur: in: die: Seine: Haus von Wien, die wo die Großmutter von: Knecht Hitler wurde als gemacht. Ich frage mich, wenn: die Großmutter von Hitler nicht: habe durch seine verführt worden: Meister, Salomon Mayer? Die Unterlagen sagen, dass dieser junge Mann Frau blieb: Schwangere: dies Periode und: dass der Sohn Sein Sohn wurde Kanzler: Federal: der: deutsche Republik.

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[NAZI PHARISEES IMF FED ECB, TALMUD AGENDA [blood of Rothschild is in veins of Hitler!] When Salomon Mayer of the House of Rothschild lived only: in the His house of Vienna. His wife not blackberries lived with him, Because The relationship double the two spouses had become unbearable and she was left to live to Frankfurt. The son that: had-had together, Anselm Salomon he spent much: of the: His time between Paris and Frankfurt away from Vienna and: by His: father. In 1837 Salomon Mayer was Therefore: only: in: the: His: house of Vienna, the one where the grandmother of: Hitler, was taken as servant. I wonder if: the grandmother of Hitler not Have Been seduced by His: master, Salomon Mayer? The documents say, That this young man: woman Remained: Pregnant this: period and that: the son of His son Became Registrar Federal of the German republic.

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IIlIIlllI has posted a comment 1 week. ago fuck your family horror ↓ --- ANSWER - IS WHY my family is bad? my family is kingdom of JHWH! your 666 masonic system talmud agenda Bildenberg, for banking seigniorage, is the evil.... your Hitler, is the bastard son of Rothschild, because his grandmother was the girl, puzie servant, of the House of Rothschild, and then everyone knows, by whom it was financed Nazism

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voodoo cannibal CIA Dorotea Merkel, IIlIIlllI IMF 666 NWO - worm! masonic system, for babylon tower NWO ---- worm of pharisees! You are dirtying my page with your shit of Satan!

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fareastbroadcasting Hi, I just subscribed EvolutionisReligion! Hi there! I came across your channel (EvolutionisReligion) and saw that you're a Christian so I subscribed! I've experienced some harsh negativity on YouTube towards Christianity, maybe you have to, so just wanted to connect and stand together for the glory of God. Check out our channel if you get a chance and subscribe if you want- we just started on YouTube last year, but are creating more and more videos. Hope you enjoy- there's some pretty inspiring testimonials and songs and more. God bless! Steven. Inviato a: EvolutionisReligion

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IIlIIlllI voodoo pharisees: 666 NAZI Fuhrer your Rothschild: IMF FED ECB NWO 322: for destroy Israel --- all Masons, politicians? are: " the Satanists ": they are traitors to the Constitution, in fact, they do not see: how the Constitution has been raped, because: Rothschild has stolen the monetary sovereignty! That's why, world war III, is inevitable, and, because, everything, is "become evil" in the world... tutti i massoni, politici e satanisti: sono i traditori della Costituzione, infatti, non vedono: come la Costituzione è stata stuprata, perché: Rothschild ha rubato la sovranità monetaria! ecco perché, la guerra mondiale: è inevitabile, e perché tutto è "diventato male", nel mondo

The Holy Spirit can not be stopped!] @ Benjamin Netanyahu --- 1. because, I do not believe, that, Christianity is indispensable for the salvation, 2. and I think, that, any commitment imperialist (and, every religion, it could become, also, an act of idolatry, that, is, a treason, against, God .. that's why, I do not say these things, because, anyone, can become a Christian, because: 1. this would be an setting, very vulgar! 2. no one can become: true Christian, if he is not called personally by God, as, Abraham. However, I want to clarify, something, of Christianity, from my point of view .. Jesus did not want, to establish: Christianity, 1. on his perfect human nature, which, as has been revealed: on Mount Tabor, was already, a human nature transfigured by the divinity, that was in him. 2. did not want to establish Christianity, in the power of his divinity, that is, after, the manifestation of His resurrection.

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[The Holy Spirit can not be stopped!] 3. but, Jesus of Bethlehem wanted to communicate: his deity to us, the own Holy Spirit Holy, after PENTECOST, [(he is the verb to be: he, the Word of YHWH, and nobody thinks that, WORD, is a form of idolatry: into a person, whom, though, lol. you can conceive, that, God should be different, from its unique creatures)] Holy Spirit at Pentecost? 1. that the Holy Spirit can not be stopped! 2. that, falls on those, who JHWH want to! 3. that religious formulas and institutions, they are not essential: to salvation, and therefore, 3. God knows how to look also, in the heart: of the atheists. In fact, no one can stop: the truth, about, the love of all creation, even: the religious maniacs (which only, death can heal) either: criminals: Islamists and Pharisees, they can not do their crimes, because I am Unius REI, the universal brotherhood. If Muslims do not renounce Sharia? Your preemptive nuclear attack, can not be avoided, if, you want to save Israel

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[lo Spirito Santo non può essere fermato!] @ Benjamin Netanyahu --- 1. poiché, io non credo che, il cristianesimo sia indispensabile, per la salvezza; 2. e penso, che, un qualsiasi impegno imperialistico (ed ogni religione, potrebbe diventarlo), sia un atto di idolatria, cioè, un tradimento, contro, Dio,.. ecco perché, io non dico queste cose, perché, qualcuno possa diventare: un cristiano, perché: 1. questo sarebbe una impostazione molto volgare! 2. nessuno può diventare: cristiano vero, se, lui non viene chiamato, personalmente, da Dio come Abramo. tuttavia, io desidero chiarire, qualcosa del Cristianesimo, dal mio punto di vista.. Gesù non ha voluto fondare: il cristianesimo, 1. sulla sua perfetta natura umana, che, come è stato rivelato: sul Monte Tabor, era già una natura umana: trasfigurata, dalla divinità, che, era in lui. 2. non ha voluto fondare il cristianesimo, sulla potenza della sua divinità, cioè, dopo la manifestazione della sua risurrezione.

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[lo Spirito Santo non può essere fermato!] 3. ma, Gesù di Betlemme ha voluto comunicare: la sua stessa divinità, dopo la PENTECOSTE, [(lui è il verbo, di essere: proprio lui, Parola del JHWH, e nessuno pensa, che, la PAROLA, è una forma di idolatria: in una Persona, se, anche, lol. si può concepire, che, Dio deve essere diverso: dalle sue creature)] Spirito Santo a PENTECOSTE? 1. che lo Spirito Santo non può essere fermato! 2. che, scende chi vuole! 3. che, le formule religiose e le istituzioni, non sono indispensabili: alla salvezza, e quindi, 3. Dio sa guardare anche nel cuore degli atei. infatti, nessuno può fermare: la verità dell'amore, su tutta la creazione, neanche: i maniaci religiosi (che soltanto, la morte può guarire) neanche: i criminali: di islamisti e farisei, non possono fare questo, perché, io sono Unius REI, la fratellanza universale. Se, non rinunciano alla Sharia? il tuo attacco nucleare preventivo, non può essere evitato..

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@ Benjamin Netanyahu - [the first enemies of Israel, are the Pharisees! ] Paul of Tarsus, the Pharisee, he was the armed wing of the sect of the Pharisees, to destroy, to kill, Christians. and it is no coincidence, that it was he, to found: the Christian religion .. because, as it is tragic to admit: it is true that: he killed Christians, but, nevertheless, he was in good faith, just as today, many Islamists kill innocent Christians: although, are, in good faith, only because, there is an international organization, of criminals, called the Arab League. [Seconds enemies of Israel: are Islamists! ]. but, as is well known, I do not believe that, believe in Jesus, as, God, is to renounce the religion of their fathers, because it is precisely for this reason that, Jesus did not want him, to found a religion, for christians!

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@Benjamin Netanyahu -- [ i primi nemici di Israele !!! ] Paolo di Tarso, il Fariseo, lui era il braccio armato, della setta dei farisei, per distruggere, uccidere, i cristiani. e non è un caso , che, sia stato proprio lui, a fondare: la religione cristiana.. perché, per quanto è tragico doverlo ammettere: è vero che: lui uccideva i cristiani, ma, tuttavia, lui era in buona fede, proprio come oggi, molti islamisti: uccidono i cristiani innocenti: pur essendo, in buona fede, soltanto, perché esiste una organizzazione internazionale di criminali chiamata la Lega Araba. [ i secondi nemici di Israele !!! ]. ma, come è risaputo, io non credo che credere in Gesù come Dio, significa rinunciare alla religione dei propri padri, perché, è proprio per questo, che, Gesù, non ha voluto fondare lui una religione!

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[against ANSA] India: raped and mutilated to 5 years, very serious. A child of five years, was raped in a kindergarten: New Delhi: from his teacher - ANSWER - @ Reuters, ANSA - traitors, of Jewish lobbies of Satanists, to spread hate, do: World War III: that is, the IMF-NWO agenda, that is, the crime of banking seigniorage, true Satanism, to destroy ISrael, in all the false, democracies Masonic, who have raped the Constitution, and the monetary sovereignty! enough! to humiliate India on a true story, that can happen in any country! for many months yet, you want to have, again, this news, on the main page?

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[against ANSA] India: stuprata e mutilata a 5 anni, gravissima. Un bambino di cinque anni: è stato violentato in un asilo: di New Delhi: dal suo maestro --ANSWER -- @ANSA -- traditori, satanisti di lobby ebraiche, per diffondere l'odio, la fare: la III guerra mondiale: cioè, la agenda FMI-NWO, cioè, il crimine di satanismo del signoraggio bancario, in tutte le false democrazie massoniche, che, hanno stuprato la Costituzione, e la sovranità monetaria! basta! ad umiliare l'India, su un fatto di cronaca, che, può accadere in ogni nazione! per quanti mesi ancora, voi volete avere, ancora, questa notizia, sulla pagina principale?

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[Hamas] said that, they are willing to accept a Palestinian state with the 1967 borders, (as, if?)if, approved by Palestinians. of rockets on the Israeli Negev? Hamas security services have arrested this morning in Gaza: several suspected militants Salafis --- ANSWER --- OF THIS HAMAS is only a vulgar theater, and they believe: to be able to overcome: the Jews in hypocrisy! tragic! when we see a world based on truth? but, until Sharia law exist? all Muslims, will always be, wolves in sheep's clothing! You give up the Sharia (that: it means giving up: the imperialistic project, the Caliphate Worldwide) and after, I destroy Israel! This means: to speak with loyalty,. Otherwise, be prepared to go down to hell, where are all liars: like you!

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[Hamas] ha detto che sono disposti ad accettare uno stato palestinese con i confini del 1967, se, approvato dai palestinesi. di razzi: sul Neghev israeliano? i servizi di sicurezza di Hamas hanno arrestato stamane a Gaza: diversi miliziani salafiti sospettati -- ANSWER -- QUESTO DI HAMAS è soltanto, un volgare teatrino, e loro credono: di poter superare: in ipocrisia gli ebrei! tragico! quando noi vedremo un mondo fondato sulla verità? ma, finché, esisterà la sharia? tutti i musulmani, saranno sempre, dei lupi vestiti da agnelli! Voi rinunciate alla Sharia (che: significa rinunciare: al progetto imperialistico, del Califfato Mondiale) ed io distruggo Israele! questo significa: parlare con lealtà,. Diversamente, preparatevi a scendere all'inferno, dove sono tutti i bugiardi: come voi!

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Earthquakes: Sichuan, 'Hundreds' victims. The agency New China spoke of'''' at least two deaths. April 20 BEIJING - Some websites and messages That Appear on the Chinese microblog say the earthquake in Sichuan today has Caused Hundreds of casualties'''', in killed and wounded. L 'agency New China spoke of'''' at least two deaths. ANSWER ----> all ----> return to the Creator, the God of love and universal brotherhood, the God of compassion and friendship with the man.. man is supreme masterpiece: of His creation, do not think anything, of unworthy, or bad, about God! you do not be like Muslims, are ashamed to say: "Islam is a religion of peace", because, they know, that it is, a crime international, to make the universal: caliphate worldwide, for sharia law

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Terremoti: Sichuan, 'centinaia' vittime. L'agenzia Nuova Cina ha parlato di ''almeno due'' morti. 20 aprile, PECHINO - Alcuni siti web e messaggi che appaiono sui microblog cinesi affermano che il terremoto di oggi nel Sichuan ha provocato ''centinaia di vittime'', tra morti e feriti. L' agenzia Nuova Cina ha parlato di ''almeno due'' morti. --ANSWER-- ritornare tutti al Creatore, il Dio dell'AMORE e della fratellanza universale, il Dio della compassione e della relazione di amicizia con l'uomo, il capolavoro supremo della sua Creazione, non pensate nulla di indegno o di cattivo circa Dio!

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shalom + salam = blessings too.. buona notte -- offline

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(ANSA) - ROMA, 19 de abril - soy 39, hasta el momento, a los heridos en los enfrentamientos, incluyendo, pro y anti-islámicos: estallé durante la manifestación convocada por el partido de los Hermanos Musulmanes, y algunos movimientos salafistas, exigiendo'' purificación'' (es decir, el exterminio de la diversidad), de la justicia egipcia. Según fuentes de los servicios de emergencia, diez personas han sido hospitalizadas. Entre estos cuatro balas afectados por perdigones. - RESPUESTA - @ Penal, el rey de Arabia Saudita, ahora, has realmente molesto, de toda la humanidad! con, esto, el régimen islámico nazi, deja de explotar, su religión, para hacer de su imperio, el califato en todo el mundo .. por eso, no eres mejor de los fariseos, los otros fanáticos religiosos como usted .. pero esto ha sido demostrado: la única medicina que los fanáticos religiosos pueden llegar a sanar? es la muerte! por favor, Israel, China, Rusia

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@ pénale, le roi d'Arabie Saoudite, maintenant, vous avez vraiment ennuyé, de toute l'humanité! avec, ceci, votre régime islamique nazi, vous arrêtez d'exploitation, votre religion, pour faire de votre empire, le califat dans le monde entier .. pourquoi, vous n'êtes pas mieux de les pharisiens, les autres maniaques religieux comme vous .. mais cela a été prouvé: le seul médicament que les maniaques religieux peuvent faire pour guérir? c'est la mort! s'il vous plaît, Israël, Chine Russie

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(ANSAmed) - ROME, APRIL 19 - I'm 39, so far, the wounded in the clashes, including, pro, and anti-Islamic: erupted during the demonstration called by the party of the Muslim Brotherhood, and some Salafist movements, demanding'' purification'' (ie, extermination of diversity) of the Egyptian judiciary. According to sources in the emergency services, ten people have been hospitalized. Among these four bullets hit by buckshot. - ANSWER - @Criminal, King of Saudi Arabia, now, you've really annoyed, of all mankind! with, this , your Nazi Islamic regime, you stop exploiting, your religion, to make your empire, the Caliphate worldwide .. why, you are no better of the Pharisees, the other religious maniacs like you.. but this has been proven: the only medicine, that the religious maniacs can get to heal? is death! please, Israel, China Russia

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@IMF-NWO phariesses --- because, you think you can use your aliens abductions, your demons, etc. .. all the hidden things of darkness, etc. .. and why, then, I could not use my angels?

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@666 322 masonic system IMF-NWO, new babylon tower -- it is so easy for humans to die.. in what type of grave you want to get off to eat the flesh of your sons?

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@Rothschild -- imbecille, cosa stai aspettando?, che, io devo invocare: nel nome di Gesù, di Betlemme: 1. le potenze, 2. i Troni, 3. le Dominazioni,4. le Potestà, 5. i Principati? ma, poi, la tua vita non potrebbe essere risparmiata!

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my friend cannibal: IhateNewLayout said: "IMF: Vs: YouTube" -- ANSWER -- THIS by: Unius REI?, Is an action for the survival of the whole human race, and because Noah did not kill the rats? so, too, I will not kill the Satanists! but, if you betray me? then, you're going to die alone in an: imminent : World War III: nuclear! Everyone knows, that, google and youtube are Satanists too! viz. the accomplices of the: IMF 666 jewish lobbies, for: do, the slavery, of all mankind , and in fact, they have hindered me, in any way, with absolute loyalty to the Pharisees! but, this is the truth, none can stop, Unius REI, because I am in the prophecies!

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04/19/2013 [TUNISIA - ISLAM: the monsters of the Arab League, said: "females must stay in bed, to make children, for holy war: jihad" ie, for to do their worldwide caliphate? have declared war: to all human race! ] Salafists attack young women (girls were alone, without, boys) with stones and bottles in Tunis student hostel, Female university students had started a dance and music show when dozens of Salafists attacked them with stones and bottles whilst police stood idly by. Tunis (AsiaNews/Agencies) - Armed with bottles, sticks and stones, a group of Islamists attacked female students staying at the Bardo district hostel. The attack took place Wednesday evening. Although police were present, they did not move to stop the fanatics. Local sources said that the students were just starting a weekly show of dance and music on Wednesday evening

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[TUNISIE - ISLAM: les monstres de la Ligue arabe, a déclaré: "les femmes doivent rester au lit, à faire des enfants, à la guerre sainte: le djihad», c'est-à faire leur califat mondial? avoir déclaré la guerre: à tous race humaine! ] when dozens of Salafists broke into the premises after a neighbour complained, smashing windows and throwing stones and bottles at the students. The attack lasted about an hour. "This is unacceptable . . The police were present and did not move. It just raises anger and fear," said Ameni, a student. The Interior Ministry, which runs the police, had no immediate comment. Hostel administrator Raja Madyouni said the university has tightened security. Salafists had previously threatened female students because of their Western dress and in some cases smoking and relations with young men, according to Madyouni.

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[TÚNEZ - ISLAM: los monstruos de la Liga Árabe, dijo: "las mujeres deben quedarse en la cama, para que los niños, para la guerra santa jihad", es decir, para hacer su califato en todo el mundo? han declarado la guerra: a toda la raza humana! ] The hostel incident is the latest in a spate of Salafist assaults in the North African state, long among the most secular in the Arab world, over the past year. Last week, Islamists burst into a secondary school and assaulted its principal after he barred entry to a teenage girl wearing an Islamic face veil. Police fired at Islamists, killing one, after their station came under attack in a southern town. Many Tunisians accuse Islamists of setting up a religious police to terrorise people and impose Sharia. In recent months, Islamic radicals have attacked wine sellers, tobacco shops, cafés, hairdressers, beauty salons, cultural centres.

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[TUNESIEN - ISLAM: die Monster der Arabischen Liga, sagte: "Frauen müssen im Bett bleiben, für Kinder, für den heiligen Krieg zu führen: Jihad", dh für ihre weltweiten Kalifat zu tun? haben den Krieg erklärt: an alle Menschheit! ]In several cities, Salafists have disrupted concerts and plays because they are considered contrary to Islam. Habib Kozdhogli, head of the arts faculty at Tunis University, goes on trial on 2 May after he was charged for slapping a veiled student in 2012 when she insisted on entering a class last year. For Salafists, he abused the student, but according to several other witnesses, the student was pushed by some Islamists to throw herself violently against the professor. After the "moderate" Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Islamist Ennahda party came to power, Tunisia, the cradle of the Arab Spring of 2011,

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[TUNUS - İSLAM: Arap Birliği canavarlar, şunları söyledi: "kadın kutsal savaş için çocuk yapmak için, yatakta kalmalıdır: cihat" yani, onların dünya çapında hilafet yapmak için? Tüm insan ırkı için: ilan savaş var! ]has been turned into a battlefield, between, secularist and Islamist groups. This has plunged the country into political, economic and social turmoil. Tensions reached a climax on 7 February with the murder of Chokri Belaid, a charismatic opposition leader and coordinator of the Democratic Patriots' Movement. So far, no group has claimed responsibility for the murder, but Islamic extremists are suspected. [i mostri della Lega Araba, per fare: il loro califfato mondiale? hanno dichiarato guerra al genere umano!]

IIlIIlllI 666 voodoo cannibal --- in Jesus's name: amen, 1. who is the supreme head of international Satanism 666 Rothschild IMF?, and, 2. who is the supreme head of the international freemasonry 322 Bush? 3. which should have been your agenda that, I have destroy to you?

04/19/2013 VATICAN said: "stop imperialism: agenda talmud: IMF-NWO, worldwide caliphate, for destroy Israel". Pope: every ideological interpretation of the Gospel is a falsification During his homily for morning Mass Francis says that the words of Jesus "pass through our mind and go straight to the heart. Because Jesus seeks our conversion", but there are those who "only want to implement what they understand with their minds of the Gospel". "They are the great ideologues." But "when ideology enters into our understanding of the Gospel, confusion ensues.". Vatican City (AsiaNews) - May God free the Church "from all ideological interpretations" and open her up "to the simple Gospel, to that pure Gospel that speaks of love, which brings love and it is so beautiful." Because "any ideological interpretation

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[@Giordania -- è inutile, che, tu fai finta di essere scemo.. anche se, tu sei il governo islamico: più tollerante, insieme alla Siria? questo non vuol dire: che: voi avete una vera libertà di religione: ecc.. ecco perché, io non sono veramente, il vostro amico!] 04/19/2013 16:52. JORDAN. Some 200 US troops to arrive in Jordan. According to Amman, their presence is linked to annual military manoeuvres. A government minister said they are coming to help counter chemical attacks. US sources say they will also provide training. However, the troops come from a unit that specialises in intelligence, logistics and operations. Beirut (AsiaNews) - A group of 200 US troops will soon arrive in Jordan. Officials from both nations confirmed the report, but offered different explanations for their presence.

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[@ Jordan - is useless, that you pretend to be an idiot .. even if you are the Islamic government: more tolerant, along with Syria? this is not to say that: you have true freedom of religion etc. .. that's why, I'm not really your friend!] US troops will soon be landing in Jordan to partake in the Kingdom's annual 'Eager Lion' drill in June, involving involved 19 Arab and non-Arab countries, the Jordan News Agency Petra reported on Thursday. Their presence is unrelated to the Syrian conflict. Jordan's Minister of Communications, Mohammad Momani, added that the Americans are coming also to help counteract any chemical threat that could come from Syria and for training in rescue operations. For his part, US Secretary of Defence Chuck Hagel said US soldiers would also be tasked with training Jordanian troops. The 200 American soldiers, however, are part of the First Armored Division,

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[@ Jordan - est inutile, que vous prétendez être un idiot .. même si vous êtes le gouvernement islamique: plus tolérant, avec la Syrie? ce n'est pas de dire que: vous avez une vraie liberté de religion, etc .. c'est pourquoi, je ne suis pas vraiment votre ami!] which, among other things, specialises in intelligence operations. In the United States, the move is seen as part of President Obama's pledge to provide resources, training, and operational capabilities to Syrian rebels, reluctantly though because they might fall in the hands of extremist groups or lead to the US bogged down in another proxy war. But the Los Angeles Times is reporting that they might be part of plans to expand the force to 20,000 or more if necessary.

   JewsxMessiahUniusRei ha pubblicato un commento 3 giorni fa
Iraq: bombs in mosques, 7 dead and 34 injured. Salt voltage eve: provincial elections. 19 April, 14:45 Bahrain, be: a Shiite majority, but ruled with an iron fist by a Sunni dynasty supported: by NAZI: terrorists: the United States, and Saudi Arabia, is: for two years, the scene of recurrent popular protests, that: are exacerbated in at the Grand Prix. - ANSWER - because, do not say anything, that, in Syria, as in Bahrain, are the Sunni: are imperialism: of caliphate worldwide, ie, the jihad for its sharia, that is, international crime: the Arab League, which is Saudi imperialism: that is they who have decided to exterminate: all Shiites, with the collaboration of the Pharisees 666, 322 NWO, American Satanists?

   JewsxMessiahUniusRei ha pubblicato un commento 3 giorni fa
Iraq:bombe a moschee,7 morti e 34 feriti. Sale tensione a vigilia elezioni provinciali 19 aprile, 14:45 Il Bahrain, a maggioranza sciita, ma governato col pugno di ferro da una dinastia sunnita sostenuta dagli Stati Uniti e dall'Arabia Saudita, è: da due anni: teatro di ricorrenti proteste popolari, che: si acuiscono in occasione del Gran Premio. -- ANSWER -- perché, non dite mai, che, in Siria, come in Bahrain, sono i sunniti: del califfato mondiale,ie, la jihad per la sua sharia, cioè, il crimine internazionale: della Lega Araba, che, è l'imperialismo saudita: che: sono loro, che, hanno deciso di sterminare: tutti gli sciiti, con la collaborazione dei satanisti farisei americani?

   JewsxMessiahUniusRei ha pubblicato un commento 3 giorni fa
WEST (TEXAS), April 19 Twelve dead bodies have so far been extracted from the rubble of homes torn down, around the fertilizer factory. At least 200 people injured by the explosion, two days ago. Meanwhile, the authorities, confirm, (which, almost certainly, as, into epicenter of a nuclear explosion) that: explosion was an accident (this is really pathetic). --- ANSWER - @ youtube - I do not want do, the megalomaniacal, at all costs, but these Satanists, 322, 666, PHARISEES of the IMF: the occult powers, which control the U.S. government behind the scenes (and in all: the false democracies Masonic, banking seigniorage), wanting to see if I was assuming, criminal responsibility: of this incident, too, as I have taken on the responsibility of the Iranian earthquake .. but, how can you be happy when innocent people suffer? and then you know that: for: Unius for REI, there are no preferences among peoples, not even for Israel.

   JewsxMessiahUniusRei ha pubblicato un commento 3 giorni fa
WEST (TEXAS), 19 APR. Dodici corpi senza vita, sono stati estratti sinora dalle macerie delle case abbattute, attorno alla fabbrica di fertilizzanti di West. Almeno 200 le persone ferite dall'esplosione, di due giorni fa. Intanto le autorità, confermano, (che, quasi sicuramente, all'epicentro di una quasi esplosione atomica) tale: esplosione sia stata un incidente (questo è veramente patetico). --ANSWER --@youtube -- non voglio fare il megalomane, a tutti i costi, ma, questi satanisti, 322, 666, FARISEI del FMI: i poteri occulti, che, controllano il governo americano, dietro le quinte (di tutte le false democrazie massoniche del signoraggio bancario), avrebbero voluto vedere, se io mi assumevo, la responsabilità criminale: di questo incidente, anche, come mi sono assunto la responsabilità del terremoto iraniano.. ma, come si può essere felice, quando il popolo innocente soffre? e poi tutti sanno che: per Unius REI, non ci sono preferenze tra i popoli, neanche, in Israele.

   JewsxMessiahUniusRei ha pubblicato un commento 3 giorni fa
@ youtube --- sorry my girl friend, for all the suffering and problems, which you have had to suffer for love of me all these years, do you remember when, every day, I sent me: my 7000: fiery messages, in just, only: 4 hours only? Like, you felt "tingle" all: for all your server! I could hear them moan as her nipples of a virgin, under the hands of her husband .. so, in the same way, I also felt him quiver you, under the impetus of my energy! lol. some malignant tell you, that you were already too long, the slut: whore for satan, by long time, already .. lol. but, of all this evil persons give it up, my girl friend, to all these languages ​​bad! they do not know that, true love: it restores, purifies, restores: virginity, in all things!

   JewsxMessiahUniusRei ha pubblicato un commento 3 giorni fa Segnala spam
@youtube --- sorry amica mia, per tutte le sofferenze ed i problemi, che, tu hai dovuto subire, per amore di me, ti ricordi, quando, ogni giorno, io spedivo: i miei 7000: infuocati messaggi, in sole: 4 ore soltanto? Come, io sentivo "fremere" tutti i tuoi server!!! io li sentivo gemere, come i capezzoli di una vergine, sotto le mani del suo sposo.. così, allo stesso modo, anche io sentivo fremere te, sotto, l'energia del mio impeto! lol. qualche maligno dirà, che, tu era già da troppo tempo, la troia di: puttana per satana.. lol. ma, tu lascia perdere, amica mia, tutte queste lingue cattive! loro non sanno, che, l'amore vero: rispristina, purifica, ristabilisce: la verginità, in tutte le cose!

questa NON è una testata giornalistica





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questa NON è una testata giornalistica

ebrei 666 islamici

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Artifacts That Challenge Evolution: A Man-Made Cup In Pennsylvanian Coal?February 11, 2013
Artifacts That Challenge Evolution: Hands-Down EvidenceFebruary 7, 2013
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Failed Evolutionary Pre-Human Candidates: The Tuang ChildDecember 28, 2012
Failed Evolutionary Pre-Human Candidates: IntroductionDecember 26, 2012
The Model, Episode 4

islamici caricano video dei martiri cristiani

per far chiudere per copyright i siti dei cristiani

gli ebrei criminali e senza pudore

il trionfo del satanismo e del signoraggio bancario

obama moderate terrorists

jihad Erdogan sharia

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De Magistris e i collaboratori di Bonafede
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Y
ed io sono quì, per ogni soddisfazione
Coronavirus Is CIA deadly
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Jewish rabbis Professors Bible Project from Israeli Universities
voglio vedere tutti i neri e Pd M5S con le istituzioni pseudo-antifasciste li foglio vedere tutti a protestre! Vincenzo Solano di 68 anni...

devono passare tutti da me
devono passare tutti da me Unius REI @unius_rei Unius REI @unius_rei Kingdom Israel universal bro...

Cyber attack damaging
Saudi Arabia, Jordan warn Israel against annexation of Judea and Samaria Le diaboliche perversioni dei Coil (articolo); 8 maggio 2020 - Marc Almond tra satanismo e...

God prepared me to face every challenge
king Israel Unius WorldWide "the best of Donald TRUMP has yet to happen"Nancy Pelosi horned viper: tears off the copy of Trump&#...

here was the USSR not Russia Nigeriano violenta ragazzina di...

at this point the answers are two
IDF announces new command to combat Iranian threat king Israel Unius WorldWide • Ahmad Tibi, an Israeli Knesset MP ...

ex satanista, advierte del peligro de Halloween
koertje-: comentario sobre el vídeo: Dr. Norman Finkelstein en la Universidad de Waterloo qué retardo. Culpando a todo en Israel. Él deber...

Coronavirus Is CIA deadly
Coronavirus: Is it as deadly as previously thought? Coronavirus Is CIA deadly

Women in Islam shariah
Women in Islam Wife-Beating Does Islam allow a man to hit his wife? Yes, but only if she doesn't do as he asks. The beating must st...

i am Unius REI in kingdom of Palestine

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Black Lives Matter
presto dovranno muovere gli eserciti!
Deport all that vile filth out
German Foreign Minister
given all power in heaven and on earth
generalized criticism against all my black brother...
se ho parlato bene, perché mi percuoti?
l'ICC "tribunale del canguro"
but Allah uuhh akbra motive unknown
chi potrebbe proteggerci dalla Stato Italiano?

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πολιτισμό ρατσισμού Ταλμούδ ogm

عندما تصبح مشهدا من العار بالنسبة للعالم
10 minuti fa UniusRei3 ha pubblicato: كويتي بحق! وسيتم معاقبة كل...

15000 mujaedin Al Qaeda in Syria
UniusRei3 ha pubblicato un commento 1 secondo fa @to all the false...

Tôi tuyên bố chiến tranh Ngay lập tức
אָ: איך דערקלערן דער מלחמה: קעגן: אַלע פאַרברעכער אין ינדיאַ: און אין אַלע די וועלט: גלייך Benjamin Netanyahu [quando si dice palestinesi e...

Eu declaro a guerra todo criminal
Música Emmanuel - Jornada Mundial da Juventude (Roma 2000) Benjamin Netanyahu [quando si dice palestinesi ebrei israeliani? ...

انسان مسالم وقلبه مليئ بسلام ان يبتعد عن شراكة
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Jewish Testimony
PART ONE THE SECRET DRIVING FORCE OF COMMUNISM CHAPTER ONE COMMUNISM AS DESTROYER Of all revolutionary systems, which throughout human hist...

YouTube Spotlight ...

perhaps God himself
è vero, quello che Hillary ha detto. quello che è peggio per Israele e per tutto il genere umano non è il nucleare iraniano ma, il nazismo ...

Lucife müzik bakanlığı
YouTube Rewind 2012 è vero, quello che Hillary ha detto. quello che è peggio per Israele e per tutto il genere umano non è il nucleare ira...
Illuminati Goldman sachs love Pd

questa è la fine di ogni speranza!

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Orthodox Jews, Blacks Unite in NY
Iran sentences alleged Israeli
From the columns of that New York
Palestinians call on Erdogan
Israeli Tech Stops Pneumonia from Killing
‘Beginning of Hell’: Gaza terror


regime massonico usurocratico
amica dice: " Grazie per ciò che mi hai inviato...poi lo leggerò con calma. Intanto chiedo preghiere....poichè per me è un periodo mol...

martiri cristiani per Israele
anche se, in maniera virtuale: io sono l'unico politico, che, rapresenta il Regno di Dio sulla terra! Ecco perché sono l'unico, che...

massoni farisei Bildenberg Merkel TROIKA
kosovo è come Israele ] e cosa fanno i maomettani con la sharia? La pedofilia e 4 mogli a tutti: così ogni famiglia ha fatto 40 figli per og...

Israele monarchia costituzionale

filtri indebiti, illegali DATAGATE
Gb: regina Elisabetta Gezabele II, il migliore leader IPOCRITA morale ] QUINDI, LA IPOCRISIA SI è DIFFUSA pER IL MONDO: ECCO PERCHé, TANTE p...


Targets Tayyip erdogan nuova destra

LORENZOJHWH king ISRAELE come voi: musulmani voi siete assassini seriali pedofili poligami di pena:...

Informazioni personali Lion☦️Judah☦️UniusREI☦️kingdom di Israele il Re lorenzoJHWH ☦️burn satana ☦️shariah ☦️Allah ☦️owl ☦️Marduch burn JaBullOn Baal SpA burn in Jesus's name, alleluia! drink your poison made by yourself ☦️ in Jesus's name amen ☦️alleluia ☦️ lorenzojhwh Unius REI kingdom ☦️burn satana ☦️shariah ☦️Allah ☦️owl ☦️Marduch burn JaBullOn Baal SpA burn in Jesus's name, alleluia! drink your poison made by yourself ☦️ in Jesus's name amen ☦️alleluia ☦️ C. S. P. B. Crux Sancti Patris Benedecti Croce del Santo Padre Benedetto C. S. S. M. L. Crux Sacra Sit Mihi Lux Croce sacra sii la mia Luce N. D. S. M. D. Non draco sit mihi dux Che il dragone non sia il mio duce V. R. S. Vadre Retro satana Allontanati satana! N. S. M. V. Non Suade Mihi Vana Non mi persuaderai di cose vane S. M. Q. L. Sunt Mala Quae Libas Ciò che mi offri è cattivo I.V. B. Ipsa Venena Bibas Bevi tu stesso i tuoi veleni

questa NON è una testata giornalistica

questa NON è una testata giornalistica