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1 / 41 [Christian blood: in the: JEWISH RITES]: this: work: [the: BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES: of the: MODERN SYNAGOGUE. REVELATIONS: Neophyte: EX RABBI: GREEK MONACO:]? is: the: Reply to: this other masterpiece that: paradoxically is: fall: below the jerseys: of the: censorship: "[[[Ariel Toaff: Easter: of: blood: the Jews of Europe: and: ritual murder: the publishing company: the: Mill]: the: censorship: in: this: if: not: is: dull and ignorant: but: is: an ideological crime: why: the: Jewish bankers "Illuminati" have lost: the : forced complicity: of the: Jewish community: support: that: always: Their: enjoyed: for: all the throttling: peoples: an: that: to: spite: of: any Holocaust: or: shoah: made subject to the people elected: of the: our Patriarchs Abraham, Isaac: and: Jacob, the: hope of: Israele ..

2 / 41 [Christian blood: in the: JEWISH RITES]: but: everyone knows: as, I am the: Jewish Messiah: Re: of Israel: and only king of the: Human Gender: unius REI. So: if: public self something? No one can contest to: me! because: the: intentions: of the: censorship: not: be: of: avoid: to: anachronistic anti-Semitism that: is: instead: Masonic physiological system: and: bank: of the: bank seigniorage! Ariel Toaff: is: the famous scholar of the illustrious Chief Rabbi: Judaism Italiano Representative: creator: of the: ecumenical language: His Holiness John Paul II .. Toaff is: my brother, because he like me is: to: Zionist: for: the: United: of: Israel]]] [[[Chapter XIII: Death: and: kill: for: love of God: ]]] the: BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES: of the: MODERN SYNAGOGUE.

3 / 41 [Christian blood: in the: JEWISH RITES] REVELATIONS: Neophyte: EX RABBI: GREEK MONACO: the: title? is: it all a mental imbalance: but no one should think that: the: Something missing: of: logic: Their: problem is: represented: only: by: wrong reasons! Since: is: evident: that: I: not: I can kill (ie: violating the: 5 th commandment) to: innocent Christian child: that: the: His blood can cleanse me, from 3 rd commandment that: I I have done: not: respecting the: Saturday: (ie: to: to: sin more: for: purify: to: another sin less?: but: this: is: the: best way: for: received: to: "evil evil": ie: receive extraordinary generational curses: how to: say ": for: the: too much science is: become an idiot!").

4 / 41 [Christian blood: in the: JEWISH RITES] As is: wrote: "I confound: the: wisdom of the intelligent but "...:: all: this: instead: is: more: that: logical: if: the: Talmud: that: for: all: the: Jews of the: world is: the: holy word of, God. he himself says that: the Christians are animals: in: human form! is: in: this: so: that: the: Christian children have replaced: the: lambs of the: Jewish Temple lost: and: the: adults: they replaced: the donkeys: how what: that: Rabbi naive is saying !: this means a document? is: real! These crimes? They are committed today as they made yesterday: and: will always be committed until the Judaism: not: decide: of: the repeal: Talmud: and: this: it can only be done under the authority: of the: king: of Israel !: but: think: that: the: Jews know: these topics?

5 / 41 [Christian blood: in the: JEWISH RITES]: or: that: knowing them: not: be afraid: n: that: Their: of: to lose: the: life? is: madness! If: then: I: not: I forgive all: the: various categories of: cowardly traitors: if: repented: n: that: those: that: they went to: swear: for: Satan in the: Freemasonry? Then, I should be: worst of the 3 ° WW nuclear power: that: I am looking for: of: to avoid: to: all the: human race!: But: even crazier: is: thinking: that: the: expulsions of Jews from various countries: they're just: the: result: of: to: superstitious behavior: because we know how: is: serious: the: Catholic Church: in the: its pronouncements! An: that: if: the: ILLUMINATI: through: 5 centuries: of: this: our system: Masonic: and: Bank: destroyed: most of the: documents:

6 / 41 [Christian blood: in the: JEWISH RITES] to:: Their: unfavorable: and: Their "tea: pure" have spread: evolution: and every form: of: perversion: and: Satanism: only : for: have: the: legal reasoning: of: to destroy: the: other Jews because we (all the: people) like animals: the: human form: us not: we have no right: by: to rely on : it: we were created: by: God only: for: being exploited by the Jews according to the ideology Babylonian of the: god Marduk: that: is: the: Denial: or: ideological opposition: of the: Genesis Biblical (and is, precisely: this: Satanism: that: the order and says: Babylonian Talmud: of: do that: it is: become: even: most important of the: Torah: in: all: the: community: Jewish: that: scattered: for: the: world!)

7 / 41 [Christian blood: in the: JEWISH RITES]: and: for: what is: the creepy: that: said the: Talmud? Because he places only: the: background: of the: human sacrifice (LOL. I mean: of: animals: in: human form) of the: Blood: that: the lessons: that: not: they are discovered, they are passed on: only verbally: of: father: in: child (to: to: one son, possibly firstborn: but:: in: this: how: however: Their: not: include: of: they have become Satanists).: Their: power today : is: at the top: is: at the height: of: one: powerful Masonic pyramid: (the: masters of: all the: our money at interest (bank seigniorage): ie: very few: men: that: they are the: owners : of: at least: of the: 200% of the contract: Value: of: all the: money in circulation: in the: world) thanks to the traitors of the: political: of the: rich: and: of the: leaders:

8 / 41 [Christian blood: in the: JEWISH RITES]: of: all the: world is: to: power: of: extermination of: all the: rich: against: all the: people: that: not: it can be challenged: human: that: not: it can be controlled by the institutions visible: all daughters of the: bank seigniorage: through: the: foundation: of the Bank: of England!: the: Illuminati: they have manipulated the: sources: of the: history: to:: Their: interest as well: an: that: the: the Catholic Church is: was forced to: lose: the: its ancient memory now aware: of the: his impotence: and: of the: useless: of: all the: of the centuries: fighting desperate: the: Masons: having taken the: possession: of the: power: of the: political betrayed: the: truth: since: Their: foundational principle : for: Their: economic interest: for: Their silks: of: power:

9 / 41 [Christian blood: in the: JEWISH RITES] because they were: the: Jews to: create all: this: set to: communism: and: democracy. However: all: not: it can be destroyed: and every historian worthy: of: this: name: knows: the: acts: of the: court: of: Trent: and: of the: Martyrs four children: (CHIR: that : Italian TTI) approx: not: polarized: the Catholic Church!: tea: what the Catholic Church ever: In: 2000 years has done: to: ruling wrong!: but: Today, after centuries of: desperate and learn struggles: after: 600 excommunication: that:: against:: the: Freemasonry: the: the Catholic Church is: was reduced to silence: for,: the: men have decided, of: go to hell: in: Mass!: this: empire of the: evil: Hebrew: and: UK: bank: and: Masonic: Master: and: exploits: the: Human Gender: by: most: of: 500 years:

10/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES]: for: religious reasons (rule: and: subjugate: all the: human race: in: name of the: ideology of the: Talmud)!: This: is : to: empire of the: evil: to: absolute power! Of which: the: Jews themselves: they are: the: intended victims: because: most: of: other: they betrayed: the: rigid moral dictates: that: of the: Rabbis "Pharisees" or: ILLUMINATI: imposed to: if: same: formally: hypocritical: and: in: fundamentalist way: as: as we shall see: in: this: long document: Their: using: the: blood of the Christians (animals: in: human form) that: Their : kill: can the:: this: to: to: purify the Their: sins: but: for: the: Torah condemns to: the death: wicked: of the: law: and: everyone knows: that: Their: not: believe the New Testament!

11/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES]: the: religion he ILLUMINATI: Rabbis: and: Pharisees: not: it provides the: proselytizing: why: is: founded: on ties: of: blood only, because, is: the only religion that: prevents the: proselytizing: this: is: become: really: to: I hate absolute and invincible:: against: all the: human race: for: the: destruction of: all: the : Jewish bastards: ie: the: Jews: that: not: have lines: of: blood: that: exceed the:: 2500 years.: or: for: the: destruction of: all: the: Jews: that: have betrayed: the: Torah!: but: an: that: if: each document relating to the: crimes described: in: this means a document: they were destroyed? be enough: the: my word to authenticate the: this document: why I am the only man in the: history of the: Mankind:

12/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES]: that: not: he needs: of: to demonstrate that: that: said: I am in fact: the: Metaphysical: unius Rei. is: the same Holy Spirit to authenticate: in: all: the: creatures: the: my authority! And to apply one: Judgement: of: destruction:: against: all the: rebel! Because: the: strength: of the: my political authority: it belongs: to the Kingdom: of God: and: not: is: due to my biological body: so: however: and: in: the way: the: my term : you can only use up: after the: the next 50 years! If: the: Jews knew: this: document: ie: about the: in the Christian blood: rites by the rabbis?: Their: they would know: that: are: for: die together to: all the: human race: and: this : is: the: reason: for: in: n: that: Their: not: they know nothing, but: this: document

13/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES] must include an: that: the Jews: of: that: What are all based: the: institutions: of the: world, with an: that: the: Their: naive complicity and what are: the: real reasons of: every: Shaoh: or: Holocaust: in: all: the: history of Israel (of the last 3000 years): because these criminals are: fanatics: that: they took the: control: of Israel: and they corrupt the: Jewish religion! So is: indispensable for: us of: go to the knowledge of the: the occult world of the Illuminati! Since: Their: I am still forced to: make these sacrifices: of: blood, because: not: know: to: another remedy: for: Their: sins: and: for: Their: diseases! "In the: Blood there 'is: the: life" says the: Bible! Honestly: I: not: believe: that: I will be hated by: Their:

14/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES] as: n: that: Their: want to be helped: Their: would like to go: by: this: Their Part VIII: Jason: ie: abyss: of: despair: in: Satan holds them captive in the same! [For: the: institutions have prevented: the: presence: of the: this document: in: a: text: in: all the: web.: For: valid reasons: in fact: not: there is: in: this: document : one: logic: of the: mutual acceptance: or: of the: recognition: of the: their truth: between Jews and Christians: but: seen this attitude of: excommunication intolerant: and: mutual (between Christianity and Judaism). Positions, now surpassed them: the story of: the two religions. However, the: danger is: that: this: boring: and: repetitive document: by: I summed up (in the parts: not: significant):

15/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES] can stir up: to: new: late: the anachronism: anti-Semitism in the: social component! An: that: why:: the: real culprits: of: all: this: they are only, one: a special class of: Rabbis. Also: how is: explained: in: this: document: an: that: by the author: there are very few: the: Jews: that: they do: and: that means that they have: of: these crimes: ugly: to: because: of the: few: of: Rabbis mondialists: globalists: the: masters of the: World Bank: IMF. ie: of: the great Jewish bankers: that: indeed: Their: Satanists are: from our point of: view: but: Puritans are: of the: real gurus: from: Their: point of: view: for, are: the: scribes: and: the: Pharisees: that: they took the: control: of the: Jewish religion.

16/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: Jewish rites] so: this: document: Been is:: by: I had prepared: that: it is known to the Jews, because: they are: Their:: that: they must have: in: courage: of: the emergence, from: Their: subconscious: the: nightmares: the most horrible of: to: Their: the ancestral past (today: and: that: for: the: next: 365 days: Their: not: they have : still nothing yet: by: fear: first: that: the: great fear is once again wide open!) because: contrary?: not: there could be: to: future humanly possible: I: for: Their How, Nean : that: for: us.: if: the: history: not: he wants to be revived: in: one: even more dramatic: and: devastating: to: of the reason: new technologies of: destruction: and: of: mind control: and: spiritual. I will: and I will have to be: the: Re: of Israel!

17/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES] Because: the: ILLUMINATI: MAY: entrust: Their: lives: only in my hands! Therefore: this: document: not: is: One: Threat: for: what: that: jew: but: we all have to be: close to:: Their: for: to make you feel:: Their: all the: our love: and the: our encouragement!: this: is: strategic in: no way: the: Jews must feel threatened: because: Their: instinct: of: self-protection: and: of: survival, they would flee again: in: themselves: ie: in the:: Their: obscure subconscious is: come the: moment: for: all:: all the: world of: understanding: that: we are one: one family: since no one could be sure: by: alone!: or: if: the: Safety: of: someone is threatened!

18/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES] here is why:,: Their: not: they can go: by: this common threat: no: of: us: and: us not: we may be saved: no: of : Their no one could do it: by: alone! since: is: the curse: for: ILLUMINATI: that: kill us all: all together! So: in: these days we can only hope: that: something: of: strategic: you can move between: the: Jews! Since: n: that: the last bastion for: in: our defense: the: the Catholic Church is: was gagged: and: not: always to: wrongly discredited! When: every historical document relating to the: Christian blood: in the: Jewish rites: destroyed! well: in: this: so: is: unthinkable: groped one: contrast: an anachronism: when that was impossible: on the: street: of the: violence!

19/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES]: but: we can: with the: our sincere love in the spirit of Jesus: Gandhi etc. .. we may believe: that: is: can one construct: Company: World: finally humanizing: the: secular society: of the: universal brotherhood! tea: this document: fills us: of: horror: for: the: innocent: that still today are sacrificed: but: it fills the: pity: and: of: emotion: in the: consider: as the: Jewish system International: IMF-New World Order is able to reach: to: to: level: of: Satanism so great: and: despair: not: is: can face: this: work: not to keep the stomach: in: hand: as: in : these topics are widely exceeded the: human limitations: for: all of these fields: that: occult

20/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES]: that: have been taken up and amplified an: that: from U.S. institutional Satanism: and: now European ciois: tea: about 200,000 human sacrifices: of each year: the facts : for: the: power: of: Satan, as the FBI: he said: of: Do as: that: not: able to: find out: to: only culprit: for: all those crimes: and it is Been:: made: to: real army: of: Satanist: that: is: so: tenacious: convinced that: Satan will be to: win: Against: all the: human race: it is: to:: this: trustworthy staff: that: have been entrusted to: the: secret weapons: and: strategic: that: U.S. Army: how, even: that: the: management of the: underground bases: alien: and: of the:: Their: flying saucers!! if: the: Jews: not: have the: courage: of: addressing:

21/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES] this: Their: darkness: ie: of: having tea: heartbreaking task: and: sad: of: to bring to light all: the: wounds: of: to: Their : the distant past: and: of: to: Their: abysmal: and: dark subconscious? So: not: there is one more: hope: for: all the: human race!: But:: that: it represents: the: dark and hidden: reality: of: some: of: Their: ie: more men powerful: of the: planet! Right: of: those: that: have interest primarily to: know: for: it emerge from the subconscious to the conscious! All the: crimes reported: in: this means the document are true: and: they are still committed: of: hidden: by: this: select group: of: perverse fanatics: the: who misrepresent: the: Password: of: God revealed: because the: Talmud: and: the: cabal:

22/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES] took the: control: of: all: the: our institutions through: the: Freemasonry and the: bank seigniorage! One: Indication: for: all: "Who: not: believe: that: both: the: his compassion: and: the: to his mercy: to prevail?: not: read: this means a document: why: would: of the: evil only to: him! "Is: a reputation for: in: All: youtube: for: all these years: in:the lorenzojhwh "I have exercised: the: my ministry political and: Theological: unius Rei: for: about 6 hours: every day: such as I have been gifted by God: of: One: detail: as rational intuitive feature: the: Metaphysics: for: to be me: the: legendary: and: mythical figure: of the: King metaphysical UNIVERSAL : the only leader: of: all the: human race.

23/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES] here is why:: to: spite: of: any documentation: destroyed by the current masters of the: world ie: from REAL principals: and: authors of: all these crimes: I can testify, through: the: authorities: of: this: my ministry: that: all the: facts described: in: this means the document are true: own: the: good faith of: those: that: they believed : of: the attribution: an: that: the Jews: the: unfounded guilt: of the: missing if any: of: what: that: person:: improperly! I write this: document: mainly: for: the: Jews only: because: Their: is power: real and is: to top: that of the: our Governments: and: of the: our religions: it is: now: to: universal power: they are: Their: that: they must decide: then:

24/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES] tea: our common destiny: and: must express: the: determination: of: wanting to quit: by: this curse: or: of: wanting to fall: of: new: set : to: all the: people: in the: well-deserved divine punishment: Since the last word will be the: of: to: God the Creator: angry: for: to have done: of: he: perfect: love: and: perfect justice: to: god of: horror: and: of: cruelty: therefore: not: is: can hope for: the: mercy: by: the: of: those: that: they put on the God of Abraham: the: mas: that: ra horrible of Satan himself: Talmud: Reincarnation: Sharia: communism! We need: of: understanding: that: n: that: the: Jews are people like us ..: that: the: extreme tests, to: which: the: Jews were subject: why,: Their God:

25/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES] YHWH has abandoned them: after: that:: Their: they had betrayed the: covenant: and: committed: the: Idolatry: opposing the Torah: the: of the oral tradition: : Their: rabbis (which resulted in the: Talmud): We do: not: we can judge: the: history: but: we can: and we must: be responsible for: for: the: of the future: our children! here is why: this means the document is: important!: not: we can say it: the: Jews have had one: terrible story ..: that: brought them appropriately (racism) and unjust (libel): several times: verge: of the: extinction: this: is: to: Their: problem!: and: this: not: to: our interest in: Their: Please! Moreover, the: our aid in the:: Their: against: not: is: motivated only: the fact: that: Their: are the: Our masters:

26/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES] ie: the: masters of the: IMF-New World Order, and have tea: real power: on every strategic resource ..: but: why: we all must love one another: the: one: for: the: .. other: not: we can think of that: the: problem of: a: not: is an: that: the: problem of: everyone! Thus, the incredible Jewish condition: enabled: to: occult system: of: management: of the: horrible secret ": that: alone can justify the: bank seigniorage: ie: of the: most important institution: of the: world : but: of: which is: not allowed to talk about it publicly! What: that: Error: of the: present work: are: the: complexity of the: statements contained herein!: but: us not: we are Nazis for: fall as: stupid: in: this trap of hatred: and: of the: Racism! ie: the: old: and: false accusation of: feel guilty: all: the: Jews:

27/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES]: of the: crime: of: extermination of the: people: to: reason: of the: bank seigniorage! Slander real: to: turn: Indoor by: so many other lies: and: superstitions: Crime: that: today is: committed by the globalists themselves: of the: IMF: but: that: as yesterday, and an: that: today again will be charged: to: the all: all nations (Jews included). Indeed, to date: is: the deafening silence: of: all: the: institutions: and: of: all: the: religions: about to:: this: crime: of: bank seigniorage: why: these Jews Satanists called enlightened: after destroying: the: Catholic monarchies: that: then: Their: they gagged: the: Catholic Church: this: after centuries of: bloody struggles: and: hundreds: of: unnecessary excommunication: that: by: the Catholic ...

28/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES]: that: then: this: enormous crime: of: vilification: against: all sovereignty Constitutional: with: the: Jews: not: a lot has to do: is: demonstrated the fact: that: the: Jews innocent were put to death too easily: though innocent! since: is: only the: Satanism ideological and: practical of Rothschild: 666,: and: of the: his partner: of: snacks: 322: Bush! By: this: document?: In the: network is: can only: to find images for: in: format: pdf.] Time: that: of: this work: that: in: with text: is: so: by: think : one: My first fruits: or: to: my intellectual property: because: to: me, nothing can be denied! So: this: my work is: to "unique literary": for: in: of: this: document is: granted unless:

29/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES]: the: play: or: Publication: or: dissemination of the entire document for: in: machine-readable form: including: of: all: the: added: or: comments.: the: reflections: as: the: subtraction: by: I have made: for: practical reasons?: not: disrupt the: content: of: this: repetitious: and: stucco: that: Vole: document: so: of the: present Intellectual property: is: forbidden: thus: the: partial reproduction: or: the: edit: is: of the: his translation: that: of the: My interpretation: everything is: bound: and is: of: owned: of the prof. Lorenzo Scarola: that: the: yield: to: free of charge: the world like any other document: of the: history: that: is: and: remains: Heritage: of: all the: human race! All: the: authorities are requested: of: to enforce the: my rights!

30/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES] [[: this means the document is: strictly prohibited to minors: and to: all: the: people: that: they think that: not: is love: and: tea: perfect equality: between: the: men: the: unique solution to: all the: ills: of the: world]] the: BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES: of the: MODERN SYNAGOGUE. REVELATIONS: Neophyte EX RABBI: MONACO GREEK: for: the: FIRST TIME: Display:: ITALY: THE GREEK VERSION: of the: Professor NFS [[Believe in extravagance: of: this: document? it seems really hard!: but:: if: these Jews were imprisoned: in: ghetto: and: if: they were frequently expelled from the nations? something of: The monster must be really existed: in the: Jewish society ..: if: these monstrosities: always existed: or: if: were: the: result: of the: persecution:

31/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES] resulted from the accusation of: to be God-killers?: This: I said not: I know!: But: what: that: not: it must never be forgotten is: an: that: all: the: incredible violence and injustice: that: this: people wandering: the minority has had to endure: and: bear! because: not: it may be doubted: of the: seriousness of the Church Catholic: and: of: all the: its "official pronouncements" and: n: that: if: this: document: is: now: obviously anachronistic : it must be known .. why:: something: of: monstrous by: here is: derived: ie: the: bank seigniorage: modern: that without this explanation: not: it may have no other explanation ..: this: is: that: Been is: planned : for: crush: in: silently: all the: people: n: that: and: above:

32/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES] the: valuable (if: believe: of: to be elected were: for: the show to the world: holy face: of the: law: and: of the: Justice: of God? thn ok!): or: deadly (if they are convinced, as racists: of: one:: Their: boasted: genetic superiority: or: theological) people of the Jews: that: it must have: priestly duties: and: right: for this: because: become: the real victims: of this: Jewish bankers Satanists: of the: IMF: NWO. How to: all: the: tragedy of the: people "elected" showed: because: Their: curses predate the founding: of the: Christianity] [the: censorship? is typical: of the: most devastating: and: criminal, dictatorial regime: since only the criminals are afraid: of the: truth: or: of: to: historical document that: to:their: say not has the most: to: social interest:

33/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES]: but: this: is: the: dramatic truth: we are: in: One: false democracy of the: system: bank Hebrew: and: Masonic: ie: of the: bank seigniorage: that: Been is: robbed to: all of us: by: everyone: that: have perjured himself on the:: Their: Constitution!] [if I say, not: I will be unius Rei: and: Re: of Israel? Few of: you can survive in: this already planned nuclear WW 3 rd: of: all the: great Masons: how Albert Pike that: the their knew: projects, including: the: destruction of the State: of Israel: to: no one could think of: in the: first: of the: 1900] [nothing is: the most devastating of the: racism: i: of the: to conceive: if: more than the same: to: another man: for: one : what: that: motivation: ethnic politics: ideological or: religious! As is: this diabolical:

34/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES] comes to influence: for do of God (: or: the supreme authority of the philosophy):also a racist but: this is: one: total perversion blasfemy apostasy .. why: is: necessarily unique: the source: of the life!]] is astonishing today: theological ignorance: of the author: of: this document: that: he was one collective ignorance: that: led: the Jews in Their despair: So the Christians: not: able to understand: how: Their same could be the: same cause of attitudes of: reaction only: that: the: characteristic of the Jewish people is of: remember: and: of: celebrate: this remember! Here is why: the: capacity: of: to forgive is harder: for: Them that: not for: us! (This means the document is: now here to be found: in: Internet: in: textual form: to: reason: of the: Jewish censorship: and: Masonic: however, to: me:

35/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES] "lorenzojhwh" political Ministry: and: theology: for: the: universal brotherhood in: youtube: nothing can be denied: for I am the very: Re: of : Israel planned: by God: for: the: salvation of the human race: the planned nuclear WW 3 °! and: if: these heinous crimes have disappeared: or: are the: Heritage: of: any psychopath: the: atmosphere: of: racism: that is: a fact: of the chosen people: to: because: of the: Talmud: and: of the Kabbalah: is real!): if: this: the phenomenon is: become invisible as the: 200,000: human sacrifices to Satan: the: reason is: given only by the fact: that: when you enter in 'horror: the human mind: for: protect: Itself: by the madness is: forced: in: to automatically: one to process:: of: removal: of the: horrible horror.

36/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES]: and: as the: wild rabbit: that: the ermine sees jump: but: paralyzed, that him not: can move any more .. since the scale of level of: his fear is: so high: that: the: fear is removed: lost: is so: for the: social body every opportunity of: reaction! One FOLLOWS: APPENDIX HISTORICAL: LAWN: TYPOGRAPHY ALREADY: that: TTI, C. & SON .1883 .. Portrait of the: Monaco greek: Neophyte former: Moldavian rabbi. "Benedictus Deus here vult omnes: Salvos homine proud." the: BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES: of the: MODERN SYNAGOGUE: *** Editor's Preface Italian: Neophyte Monaco greek: born jew: in the: Moldova: to: the: half: of the: last century, turning: if: the same: by: Rabbi: in: Christian: in the: her age: of: thirty-eight years, he published in the: 1803: in: Moldovan language:

37/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES]: to: its very important: not: not: that: curious: booklet entitled: by: him: "'Rebuttal: of the: religion of the Jews: and: of the: Their: rites with demonstration of the S. Writing old: and: new. "". the: which, translated: in: modern greek: by: John of: George and: n: that: by: other: in Arabic, was published several times to: Nafplion: of Romania, to: Constantinople and elsewhere: in: East: in: various: and: copious editions. All of course: they were to: slightly to: little: and collected: destroyed by the Jews, of course very interested to: to wipe every trace of the: revelations: this: the book contains: about: tea: secret of Their: bloody ritual : of: which: former Rabbi Neophyte concerns: the: the clearest evidence: and the: minute detail: is known: that:

38/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: Jewish rites] in the same: East: now: not: if: it is now, almost more than yours ... "The: reason of: the shortage: is: gold jew: that: try corrupts" make disappear from the world: even: the: heart. "Among us, then: in: West: and: especially: in: Italy, we believe: that: very few, they are: that: to only know the existence of: this: booklet. Is true: that : I talk: I quoted: several traits: Achille Laurent, member: of the: Eastern Company, to: page 378: and: following: of the Volume: 2 °: of the insignia of his works: Relation historique: des affaires de Syrie depuis 1840: jusqu'en etc. 1842. Paris, Gaume 1846;: and: that: by: he copied it:: that: one: part: the: Mr. Gougenot in the des Mousseaux: her: the: Juif: the Judaism: and:Judaisation:

39/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES] des peuples Chretiens, Paris: Plon, 1869.: But: as well as: an: that: these two works: and especially: the first: of the Laurent: I now exhausted and: arduous to be (no doubt: for the same gold jew: of sake),: not: quote them: that: a few lines: of the: booklet: of Neophyte, ever want to leave to you: his knowledge fuller. To obtain: the: what we could, for first for of the: aforementioned: character: of: Damietta: the: copy of which they held: one copy in the Arabic version: there'll dispatch one: its Italian version: tea: what, strictly speaking, there would have been sufficient: for this purpose: but: it is, after other research: that: come: in: possession: of: one exemplary Greek edition PRESENTED: to Constantinople: in the: 1834: in the: patriarchal printing:

40/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES] Mr. John, of: George: above: (already mentioned above);: and: got the document: by: a learned professor: one: of new version (identical: at, in the: concepts, sent to us by: Damietta) believed the come: time should be: of: submit: the: the: that: it is our purpose: to all readers: Italian , Christians and Jews .... etc. .. continues .. etc. .. [[@ ComunitaEbraicaRoma, 2628342 .-- brothers! I have: the: my divine nature: and: the: my perfect: and: dynamic: Perpetual: sanctification only thank to Jesus: of: Bethlehem, the Christ! However, I as Toaff? we are Zionists: for: the: kingdom of Israel! is: for: this: love: that: I have given up on my: identity: Nationality: Religion! What: that: you see: of: me? is: only an: envelope! I have become: truly:

41/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES] the: heart: of the: world: is the: universal brotherhood! is: come: for: you: the: moment of: delete from your symbol: the: star: of: Satan: of six points: Rothschld: that: is: the: IMF-World Order! the: work: that: I'm doing: is: the labor pains: the more more painful work of the: my life .. but: I: not: publish it: on the: your page: to ensure that: all the : the world knows: that: I've decided: of: not: moving: against: you, no charge! no guilty!]] is God? he said to: me: that: not: has never let these crimes of to go unpunished! God is: in: control: of the: history! you not: be afraid! why:: not: kill me: the "Illuminati"?: why, Their power is an absolute power: and: why: no dog: of: Judge: or: of: politics: never lend the his attention: at the my words!

41/41 (a) [conclusion] [Christian blood: in the: JEWISH RITES] Israel is: one: beautiful woman and I are to: male rough: not: is: easy: for: me: Do the: pampering: etc. ..: or: go to: home carrying: one: flowers: ecc.. but:: in: Compensation: I am invincible in the: my loyalty: it goes further: the: death! this: they know in the Kingdom of God: and: know: also: in my country: Grumo Appula: is: by: 5 centuries: that: in the: my genealogy is: been called: "Larinz fdel" ie: Lorenzo the: FAITHFUL! Me: not: betray: and no one potrabbe betraying me, because everyone knows: that wrath of: one: King alone: Unius Rei: not: leave: in: feet: no also the: forest! I am meek ​​as Moses, but: like him not: I have a: problem: the killing: guilty: for: the: My law is universal: the: law: of the: eye for an eye!: The: translation: of: this: item will be on "rrmbgpym": while: in: Italian language is: to "shalomnaumann"

b66175 said: What is answer to this problem ? What would be the right road ? Human person is suitable to solve ? Direct, the question, because [this] everyone know it !? ~ all of it, so I know to wear it to obedience to God love & peace --ANSWER--> SURELY GOD HAS ALWAYS HELPED THE COURAGE OF man and women daring, as it has helped David to defeat Goliath! I have faith in the power of God, always, however, and in every way! but our enemy 666 322 IMF? their face? have more fear, fear most, of us, because life? not in the hands of man! cERTAMENTE DIO HA SEMPRE AIUTATO IL CORAGGIO DEI TEMERARI,  come ha sempre aiutato Davide a sconfiggere Golia! io ho fiducia nella potenza di Dio, sempre, comunque ed in ogni modo! ma, i nostri nemico? loro tremano più di noi: poiché, la vita? non è nelle mani dell'uomo!

What is answer to this problem ?
What would be the right road ?
Human person is suitable to solve ?
Direct, the question, because [this]
everyone know it !?
~ all of it, so I know to wear it to obedience to God ~

love & peace

Dear friend !

There is no doubt, conscientious the work and great
performance ! Absolutely ! I agree.

May God bless you keep you.
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@ alp25 (i am Mahdi unius REI) -> my dear brother! who harms one religion?, as is all of them, that God wanted: because God is too great to be described: by a single religion! Besides, 666 IMF 322, he is Satan and his true goal is to damage all religions! but, there are two ways to damage a religion: 1. inside (corrupting the doctrine), 2. outside (through the persecuzone violent!) now, rabbis Pharisees Iluminati by Lucifer, that they control: the IMF for more than 4 centuries, as he said: Dante Aighieri: in 1200!:

   allChristianMartyrs posted a comment 5 seconds ago
@ alp25 (i am Mahdi unius REI) -> my dear brother! they did both things, since they are the priests of Baal, undercover! In fact, only the Jews were to do: for mercy of God, to demonstrate the kingdom of God on earth in a political way: here's why: the Illuminati have pianficato every Holocaust and now include: the destruction of Israel and Islam: during the 3rd WW nuclear! because the IMF has already gained control of cristanesimo: that is, all the false democracies Masonic of the banking seigniorage

@alp25 (i am Mahdì Unius REI) --> mio caro fratello! chi danneggia una sola religione?, poiché, è tutte loro, che, Dio ha voluto: poiché, Dio è troppo grande per essere descritto: da una sola religione! poi, lui è satana: ed il suo vero obiettivo: è danneggiare tutte le religioni! ma, ci sono due modi: per danneggiare una religione: 1. dall'interno(corrompendo la dottrina), 2. dall'esterno(attraverso la persecuzone violenta!) ora, i rabbini farisei: Iluminati da lucifero, che, loro hanno il controllo: del FMI, da più di 4 secoli, come ha detto: Dante Aighieri: nel 1200!:

@alp25 (i am Mahdì Unius REI) --> mio caro fratello! loro hanno fatto entrambe le cose, poiché, loro sono i sacerdoti di Baal: sotto copertura! infatti, soltanto gli ebrei sono stati ablitati: a dimostrare il regno di Dio sulla terra: in modo politico: ecco perché: gli Illuminati hanno pianficato ogni Olocausto: ed ora prevedono: la distruzione di Israele: e dell'Islam: durante la 3°WW nucleare! poiché il FMI, ha già ottenuto il controllo del cristanesimo: cioè in tutte le false democrazie massoniche, del signoraggio bancario


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